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Trust Dar-A-Con to provide nothing but the highest quality auto body equipment and supplies. If your shop wants pickup bed removers, bumper racks, adjustable steps, windshield racks, hood removers, or other parts, you can count on us to quickly and conveniently meet your needs.

 Equipment Price
AF-4 Adaptor Feet for WPA-5 $53.00
AP-30 2 1/2 Ft. Ext. Adapter $119.00 
AP-30-6 Adaptor for WPA-6 $156.00
AR-60 Adaptor Arm for DS-4  $131.00
AS-24 Adjustable Step 2 Ft. $240.00
AS-36 Adjustable Step 3 Ft. $303.00
BD-45 Pickup Bed Dolly $493.00
BD-635 Pickup Bed Dolly $766.00
BH-12 Bed Holder  $289.00
BH-42 Bumper Holder $416.00
BR-1 Pickup Bed Remover $490.00
BR-5 Bumper Rack  $167.00
CC-12 Can Crusher $47.00
CD-12 Car Dollies Pair $305.00
CLF-4 Lite Ft. Creeper $126.00
CP-5 Cycle Parts (2 Stands+Adaptors) $582.00
CRS-14 Creeper Seat $102.00
DH-4 Door Handler $547.00
DS-4 Door Stand $245.00
FS-23 Folding Step $241.00
GC-24 Glass Cart $604.00
HH-8 Hose Hanger $29.00
HR-7 Hood Door/Rotisserie $468.00
LPC-3 Little Paint Cart $339.00
PBR-10 Portable Bumper Rack $477.00


 Equipment Price
PC-4 Parts Cart $436.00
PC-24 Parts Cart $555.00
PDR-1 Paintless Dent Repair $245.00
PGH-5 Paint Gun Hanger $51.00
PGH-10 Paint Gun Hanger $70.00
PH-75A Adjustable Paint Hanger $396.00
PR-8 Panel Rack  $383.00
PR-12 Panel Rack $616.00
PT-40 Portable Table $116.00
PT-40/W Portable Table With Wheels $149.00
SP-2 Spoiler Adaptor $100.00
SQ-36 Squeegee $81.00
SS-1 Single Step $149.00
TC-3 Tool Cart $258.00
TT-36 Tilt Top Table $238.00
TT-36/W Tilt Top Table With Wheels $269.00
WB-45 Wall Bracket for PT-40 Table $84.00
WR-7 Windshield Rack $185.00
WR-10 Windshield Rack $227.00
WR-16 Windshield Racks $371.00
WPA-5 Adjustable Work Platform $495.00
WPA-6 Adjustable Work Platform $648.00
WR-20 FS Portable Windshield Rack-20 $772.00
WR-40 FS Portable Windshield Rack-40 $1034.00

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